Cocktail Tables

No matter the event, people will always require a space to sit and talk among themselves. Cocktail tables are essential to allow your guests to socialize with a drink or snack in their hands, as well as adding a bar-type vibe to your party. From professional-style for your business event to modern acrylic for the outside section of your wedding reception, cocktail tables will always attract people to have a tranquil time and enjoy the atmosphere while still being in the center of emotion. MK Music and Events offers an incredibly large variety of cocktail tables specialized to fit the vibe of your occasion, while also ensuring style and unique cocktail table designs to complete the overall setting of your event.

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  • Cocktail Tables

    Gold mirror Cocktail table

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  • Cocktail Tables

    LED Cocktail Table

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  • Cocktail Tables

    Wine Barrel Cocktail Table

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  • Cocktail Tables

    Rustic Cocktail Table

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