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Down to the Details: Miami Party Rental Must Haves


If you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or special party in Miami, there are a few rental items that should be on your event rental checklist. At MK Music and Events, we’re honored to be a part of many people’s events, weddings, and special occasions by providing superior party rental service in Miami. Below is our Checklist:

Bar Equipment Rentals

Whether you’re hosting an indoor or outdoor party, finding the proper bar equipment for your occasion is quintessential to hosting a great event. In addition to making sure your guests have a place to quench their thirst, your bar and drink area should fit the overall theme of your event providing an enjoyable area for guests.

For those wanting a more rustic look, try a vineyard bar top with wine barrels underneath. If you’re looking for bar rentals that stand out, try using our LED-lit bar. If you’re renting from MK Music and Events, you can even choose the lighting color for your LED-lit bar to ensure it matches your event.

There are a lot of small bar rental equipment items that you may want to consider renting. Renting can save you money on everything from a rustic wine barrel to an actual bartender that can offer signature drinks that will spark the night. We love helping party planners save time and effort so they can enjoy their occasion.

If you’d like to see more of the bar rental equipment we have available, see our online rental catalog.

Charger plates, Flatware and Dinnerware Rentals

Another important detail for your event is Flatware, Dinnerware, and Charger Plates. If you’re planning your dream wedding or an important event these products may not have been something you’ve even considered yet. However, it’s a necessary part of almost any event and can actually contribute a lot to your decor.

If you’re hosting a considerable amount of guests and you are looking to keep your event under a specific budget, we recommend standard stainless silverware. However, if you’re planning a more extravagant event and want your tables to really pop, you may want to choose something a little fancier such as a heavier, higher quality Gold Flatware and Charger Plates. Gold flatware and Chargers Plates can add an extra element of sophistication and class to any event.

Light Rentals

Nothing sets the mood of an event like the lighting. Even the colors you choose can have a significant effect on how your guests will remember your event. Warm, softer colors may create a friendlier or more romantic vibe. While cold, strong colors may set a more “fun” vibe to your event. LED light rentals or string light rentals can help create an enchanting atmosphere for your event. Whether you’re stringing them up inside a tent, across a backyard, or you’re trying to liven up a more industrial space, these are the perfect touch.

Keep in mind the atmosphere you want to create with lights when choosing which ones to rent. If you’d like to see our selection of lighting rentals, check out our online lighting rental catalog HERE.

In addition to these smaller rentals, make sure you don’t forget larger items like lounge furniture rentals and stage rentals.

Contact MK Music and Events for Help with Your Event Rentals. If you have any questions about party rentals in Miami, feel free to contact us. We’ve had the pleasure of working with people all over South Florida for over 10 years. We love helping our clientele make their special events as easy as possible with a wide range of rental options and unparalleled service. If you’d like a quote or just have some questions about our rentals, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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